Shipping container rental

Do you want to rent a sea container? With a sea container you have the possibility to transport goods safely and easily, but also to store them temporarily. At Van Doorn we have sea containers for rent in different sizes, to suit your needs. In addition to rental, we also sell new and used containers for storage and transport. In some cases, buying a shipping container can be cheaper than renting one.

Which shipping container do I need?
Renting a sea container is cheaper if the use is of a temporary nature. A storage container is ideal for temporarily storing goods safely. If you also want to transport the storage container, a sea container is more suitable. At Van Doorn we supply sea containers in various sizes, from 8 ft containers to 40 ft. We are happy to advise you which container is most suitable for your situation.

Why rent a shipping container?
If you use valuable materials that you want to store or transport safely, a sea container is a smart solution. We are happy to accommodate your wishes. Do you want to provide extra security for the sea container during your transport? Each type of transport and storage has its own specific package of security requirements. We offer an extensive range of protections, each with its own specific characteristics, for permanent mounting or for demountable versions. Or do you want to have the sea container executed in a certain house style for visibility or advertising? In addition to special adjustments to the containers, we can also provide the interior decoration for you with extras such as insulation, lighting or shelving. That too is possible.

Renting a shipping container from Van Doorn means:
·       Fast delivery
·       An excellent service for a good price
·       Certified and insulated containers
·       Choose from different sizes
·       Guaranteed clean

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Wherever your container needs to go, we are happy to deliver and transport it for you. Transport by truck, rail or barge; we always provide the best, cheapest and most effective transport solution. We can take care of your container transport worldwide. 

We can also arrange it for you for extraordinary loads that have to be loaded or unloaded by crane or forklift, containers that need to be unloaded or loaded from/or onto a chassis/trailer.

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