Container modifications 

Van Doorn Container Sales & Rentals has many years of experience in the rental and sale of containers in various sizes and with various options. We arrange the transport and customization is central. 

We take care of the adjustments to your containers so that you always have a container that suits your needs, from safe storage to mobile office space or security.

10ft container modification

We have equipped this standard 10FT container with lighting and wall sockets.

20 ft workshop modification container

We have provided the 20 FT container with a wicket door. Inside the container we have placed a shelf rack & a robust workbench. The container is equipped with lighting & a stove.

20 FT curtainside modification container

We cut out the side of this 20 FT High Cube and provided it with a new sail. The tarpaulin can be moved in both directions, so that loading goods is easier.

40 ft high cube modification container

We have repainted this 40ft High Cube container in 2 components. The container is equipped with a wicket door, which means that the container can be used from the sides.


Wherever your container needs to go, we are happy to deliver and transport it for you. Transport by truck, rail or barge; we always provide the best, cheapest and most effective transport solution. We can take care of your container transport worldwide

We can also arrange it for you for extraordinary loads that have to be loaded or unloaded by crane or forklift, containers that need to be unloaded or loaded from/or onto a chassis/trailer.

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