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Our sea containers are very suitable for shipping goods. The household effects can also be stored in a sea container during a move or renovation. We offer both new and used sea containers, from 8ft to 45ft. Due to our wide range of containers, we always have a sea container that meets your needs. Our containers are insulated and meet the certification requirements.

Sea container sales

Buying a sea container for storage, transport, office unit or as a refrigerated container? View our wide range of sea containers directly.

Tijdelijke opslag

Rent a sea container

Do you want to rent a sea container? With a sea container you have the possibility to transport goods safely and easily, but also to temporarily store them.

Take advantage of the many possibilities of a sea container
A sea container can be used for all kinds of purposes, for transport or storage of your goods. Van Doorn's sea containers comply with ISO standards and are CSC certified, making them suitable for transport by road, rail or water. We mainly have containers in the standard container sizes 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. We supply new and used containers in all different sizes and with options for different purposes.

Sea container as a construction site or office
In addition, our sea containers are also ideal for use as a workshop, construction site, office space or observation post. The sea containers can be rented as well as for sale with us. We can supply our sea containers with various extras and provide modifications such as insulation, lighting, racks and locks and the installation of wicket doors and windows. Depending on your wishes and purposes, we deliver a fully suitable container, quickly and safely.

Worldwide container transport
Wherever your container needs to go, we are happy to deliver and transport it for you. Transport by truck, rail or barge, we always provide the best, cheapest and most effective transport solution. We can provide container transport worldwide.

Extraordinary loads
You have also come to the right place at Van Doorn for extraordinary loads that have to be loaded or unloaded with a crane or a forklift. We also arrange containers for you to be unloaded or loaded from or onto a chassis/trailer. Would you like to know more about container transport? Please contact us.

A Van Doorn sea container means:
·       Fast delivery
·       An excellent service for a good price
·       Certified and insulated containers
·       Choose from different sizes
·       Guaranteed clean

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shipping container?

A shipping container at Van Doorn Container Sales & Rentals is a waterproof and windproof container in which goods can be stored and transported by sea. A shipping container is therefore a transport unit for easy transportation of goods. Each shipping container has a label with a unique identification number and with technical data. The shipping containers at Van Doorn Container Sales & Rentals are available in different types.

Why buy a used shipping container?

Buying a used shipping container has a number of advantages over buying a new shipping container. For example, a used shipping container is cheaper than a new one. This is especially interesting when the used shipping container is mainly used for shipping goods and therefore there are less visual demands on the shipping container. As long as the used shipping container is in good quality, it is fine. Dents, scratches and rust on the outside are superficial and do not affect the life of the container. The used shipping container is always fully inspected before we deliver it to you. As a result, we ensure that the container is always wind and watertight, has a good floor and tightly closing doors, and is CSC approved.

What to be aware of when buying a used shipping container?

When buying a used shipping container, it is sometimes difficult to assess the quality. Often used shipping containers have dents, scratches and rust on the outside. But don't let this scare you away! After all, what matters is the certification of the used container. When the container has the CSC certificate, you can be sure that the container is safe and in good condition. The used shipping container is wind and watertight and has a good floor with properly closing doors. Besides certification, it is important to carefully consider the purposes for which the used shipping container will be used when purchasing. The clearer you know what you need, the easier it will be to find a suitable container.

Why buy a new shipping container?

When the shipping container needs to look neat, for example for an event, it is better to buy a new shipping container. Also, when the shipping container needs to have exactly the right color scheme, a new shipping container is better. In addition, a new shipping container is CSC-approved for 5 years, while a used container needs to be CSC-approved every year.

What types of shipping containers are available?

  • Standard shipping container: the standard shipping container is usually made of steel. All kinds of standard goods can be transported in it that do not require special requirements. There are also ventilated standard containers.
  • Hardtop container: a hardtop container is specially designed for transporting a heavy cargo or cargo with height measurements. The roof is removable which allows easy loading from the top. But loading through the door opening is also possible. In addition, the roof can be raised by a maximum of 7 centimeters.
  • Open top container: an open top container is very suitable when a cargo with extraordinary heights has to be transported thanks to the open roof. Tarpaulins are used to protect the cargo.
  • Flat rack container: a flat rack container is intended for heavy and oversized cargoes and are widely used for project logistics. A major advantage of this shipping container is that the flat rack can be loaded and unloaded from both the side and the top. The bottom consists of steel/aluminum and strengthened wood. Often the headboards can be folded down. At additional cost, these shipping containers allow the cargo to stick out to a certain maximum on both the top and sides.
  • Platform container: platform containers are also suitable for heavy- and outsize shipments thanks to their strong bottom construction. In addition, a platform shipping container has no roof, door or sides. This is the main difference from a flat rack container: a platform container does not have a specific front and back.
  • Ventilated container: a ventilated container has ventilation and is specially designed for cargo that needs to be ventilated during transport. This ventilation is provided naturally through openings in the container. This shipping container is also interesting for products which are sensitive to condensation. Through additional ventilation, it is actually possible to prevent damage.
  • Reefer container: a reefer container or refrigerated container is mainly used when transporting food products. These sea containers are equipped with a cooling unit, which makes refrigerated sea transport possible.
  • Tank container: a tank container is used to transport liquids and chemicals. These containers always have an IMO certification. This certification indicates the type of liquid that may be transported.

At Van Doorn Container Sales & Rentals, customization is key. We can provide various modifications so you will always have a customized shipping container that fits your needs. We have years of experience in this field. For example, it is possible to equip the shipping container with lighting and wall contact covers, add a tarpaulin or install an (extra) walk-through door.

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