Refrigerated container

Would you like to rent or buy a refrigerated container? Do you need more space to store products or extra stock? For temporary storage of your paint materials, for your materials on a construction site or to manage other liquids safely? With a Van Doorn refrigerated container, your goods are carefully stored and protected against the weather. We have storage containers to suit your needs. Discover the different options we can offer you.

10ft Reefer 8.6 Container

This 10ft reefer container is suitable for cooling on location and is suitable as cooling support. Thanks to the refrigeration unit, it is possible to manage and temporarily store the temperature of the cargo as desired without spoiling it. The 10ft reefer container is both for rent and for sale.

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 20ft 8.6 Container

The 20ft Reefer 8.6 Container is suitable for cooling on location and is suitable as cooling support. Thanks to the refrigeration unit, it is possible to manage the temperature of the cargo as desired. This container is for rent as well as for sale.

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40ft HC Non Working Reefer

A 40ft HC non working reefer is a refrigerated container of which the refrigerated part no longer works. The 40ft Hc non working reefer can be used for storage as the container is fully insulated.

From: € 3000,- ex vat

40ft Reefer 9.6 Container

The 40ft reefer containers are regularly used for both transport and (temporary) storage. 40ft Reefer 9.6 Container is 30 centimeters higher than the standard reefer containers. As a result, the maximum height of the load is also slightly larger. With this reefer container with a cooling installation you can transport vegetables, fruit and other goods cooled or you can temporarily cool your products or goods so that they do not spoil.

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Which refrigerated container do I need?
At Van Doorn we offer a wide range of refrigerated containers in various sizes, which can be rented as well as for sale. All our containers are certified, watertight and insulated as required. Your belongings are safe with a Van Doorn refrigerated container. We offer standard containers in the sizes 8 ft containers, 20 ft containers and 40 ft containers.

Can I transport my refrigerated container?
In addition to the storage of goods, you can also use a refrigerated container for transporting your products if necessary. Are you looking for a means to transport your goods instead of storing them? Then a shipping container is better suited. At Van Doorn you can rent or buy shipping containers. We also take care of the transport of your containers worldwide.

Insulated refrigerated containers
To prevent condensation during long-term outdoor storage of your products, we also offer insulated refrigerated containers. These storage containers are very suitable for moisture-free storage of your goods. In addition to insulation, your refrigerated container can also be provided with a floor so that moisture does not rise through the floor.

A refrigerated container at Van Doorn means:
·       Fast delivery
·       An excellent service for a good price
·       Certified and insulated containers
·       Choose from different sizes
·       Guaranteed clean

Direct contact with Van Doorn
Would you like to know more about renting or buying a refrigerated container? Or maybe you need a different type of container? Contact us directly at 010 299 0655 or

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Wherever your container needs to go, we are happy to deliver and transport it for you. Transport by truck, rail or barge; we always provide the best, cheapest and most effective transport solution. We can take care of your container transport worldwide

We can also arrange it for you for extraordinary loads that have to be loaded or unloaded by crane or forklift, containers that need to be unloaded or loaded from/or onto a chassis/trailer.

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