Container sales

Do you (temporarily) need extra storage to store your household effects or household effects during a renovation or move, are you organizing a festival and do your goods need to be stored dry and safe?

Then the container sale at Van Doorn Container Sales & Rentals is the ideal solution. We supply containers in different sizes and designs.

Buy a new shipping container

Wide range of new shipping containers from 8ft to 40ft in various designs and dimensions. Available in stock.

Buy used shipping container

In addition to new ones, we also have a large number of used shipping containers from 10ft to 45ft. Curious? View our offer.

Buy new shipping container
New Van Doorn shipping containers comply with ISO standards and are CSC certified, making them suitable for transport by road, rail or water. The containers are available in different colors or can also be provided with your own house style. All shipping containers can be fitted with extras such as insulation, lighting, racks and locks.

Buy used shipping container
In addition to new shipping containers, we at Van Doorn also have an ever-changing stock of used containers that have always been fully checked by us before we deliver them to you. In addition to selling containers, we also modify and provide your container - depending on your wishes - with lighting, racks, windows, wicket doors or workbenches. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Buying a shipping container from Van Doorn means:
·       Fast delivery
·       An excellent service for a good price
·       Certified and insulated containers
·       Choose from different sizes
·       Guaranteed clean

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shipping container?

Shipping containers, also called sea containers, are made to protect their cargo from the weather, damage and pests. The steel construction is sturdy and wind and watertight. Shipping containers at van Doorn transport cargo safely from A to B: by train, plane, truck or ship. Almost all of our shipping containers are ISO and CSC certified.

Which type of shipping container to buy?

Every cargo is unique, which is why we have a container to suit every need. From the everyday shipping container to a refrigerated container. From new lighting with a heater to a freshly painted curtainside. Both new and used. Also check out our modifications page to see the possibilities.

What size shipping container should I buy?

You can buy a shipping container from van Doorn in different sizes. The most common sizes for shipping containers are 20ft and 40ft. These are also the most frequently sold containers. Our 20ft and 40ft containers are also available as high cube: which is a foot higher than the standard container. On our website you can clearly see the different dimensions and below we have listed all the dimensions of the shipping containers.

  • 8ft shipping container = 2.4 meters long
  • 10ft shipping container = 3 meters long
  • 20ft shipping container = 6.1 meters long
  • 40ft shipping container = 12.2 meters long


Wherever your container needs to go, we are happy to deliver and transport it for you. Transport by truck, rail or barge; we always provide the best, cheapest and most effective transport solution. We can take care of your container transport worldwide

We can also arrange it for you for extraordinary loads that have to be loaded or unloaded by crane or forklift, containers that need to be unloaded or loaded from/or onto a chassis/trailer.

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